XI Audit SME Forum

EVIDENCE attends the XI Forum of Small Auditor Firms in Córdoba

Digital transformation, attracting and retaining talent, as well as adapting to the regulatory framework of the new sustainability directive. These are the great challenges that audit firms will have to face in the short term, and the main topics discussed in the XI Forum of Small Auditor Firms organized by the Registry of Auditor Economists (REA) that was held in Córdoba on April 21 and 22.

“Digital transformation is a challenge for all companies. There are aspects that affect our activity, such as the need to use computer tools that allow us not only to be more effective, but also more efficient in the development of our work," says José Rico, founding partner of EVIDENCE Auditores, who attended the national forum. , in which more than 450 national professionals gathered.

“I sincerely thank the REA for organizing this forum and events such as the Audit-Meeting, as they contribute to the improvement, growth and consolidation of our professional offices,” highlights José Rico.

In addition, the auditor points out the incidence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the importance of having data extraction software (Big Data) and the concern for cybersecurity in professional offices as aspects to take into account on a daily basis. company day

Founded in 2004, the Valencian company is experiencing constant evolution and growth that has led it to value digital transformation from an internal, and also external, perspective, “since it is necessary to analyze in detail the goodness of our clients' computer systems with the in order to assess the inherent risk correctly to determine the scope of our work," says the auditor, while pointing out that "professional profiles with computer skills are predicted to be indispensable in any form of audit that aspires to continue doing. things well and being able to not only maintain, but grow in a highly regulated and competitive market.”

In this regard, José Rico points to recent analyzes on the evolution of the auditing sector, which reveal an enormous crisis of vocations. “Young people are no longer attracted to a profession that was once configured as a professional platform that allowed those of us who decided to dedicate ourselves to it to enjoy extensive practical training, access knowledge of multiple business realities with very different casuistries, be surrounded of very competent and prepared professionals who helped us as much as possible to obtain a great professional background. A background that, when the time came, offered us various job options to guide our professional career, which largely ensured our future,” recalls José Rico.

“It is necessary to have a critical vision of the reasons that have brought us to this point and adopt constructive and creative solutions that allow us to reverse this situation,” the founding partner of EVIDENCE Auditores, dedicated primarily to auditing accounts in the Community, states as a necessity. Valenciana, although it also offers professional consulting services, the firm's second line of activities.

An analysis and projection to which the adaptation to the regulatory framework of the new Sustainability Directive will be added in the coming months. “It will mean big changes for companies, which will be obliged to formulate financial information and also the so-called non-financial information in integrated reports that will offer more complete corporate information in accordance with the needs of their users,” says José Rico, who In his company he is already working on developing this line of business for his clients.

And it is expected that all large companies will be required to provide this information from the fiscal years beginning on January 1, 2025, while small and medium-sized companies are expected to be affected by this information from 2028. “This fact represents a great growth opportunity for auditing and consulting firms, both due to the need for verification of said integrated information by the audit division and due to the need for companies to receive specialized assistance for the formulation of the information from the consulting divisions,” Rico anticipates.

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XI Audit SME Forum

EVIDENCE attends the XI Forum of Small Auditor Firms in Córdoba Digital transformation, talent acquisition and loyalty, as well as

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